Welcome to IMOSA

IMOSA, IndústriasMineiras do Mondego S.A.,is a company created in 1991, which began operating in 1998, belonging to Saint-Gobain, the world’s leader in construction materials.

IMOSA mines the deposit called “NasceÀgua” and is located at Guia-Pombal. It is specialized in the extraction and classification of high purity silica sands and provides several grain size distributions adapted to the various types of applications.

The proximity to the Figueira da Foz and Aveiro harbours, makes it possible to be competitive for the international markets.

IMOSA considers itself as an up-to-date company with its specialized young and stable technical team. A day-to-day effort, a full and steadily commitment of each one to the company, the desire to see things improve and a deep will to innovate , make IMOSA a company in full development and largely open to future.


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