World Health Day Celebration:

IMOSA has opened its doors to the young ones

The Guia’s company celebrated the Environment, Health and Safety day

The machinery did not stop, the trucks kept coming in and out, but there was time for more. To the usual day to day work, at IMOSA, the celebration of the Environment, Health and Safety day came together with Saint-Gobain group of which the company is part of.

According with the sustainable development strategy subsequent to the group, IMOSA opened its doors to the local community, inviting the 4º school year students of the school of Guia to join the event. “The intuit is to show our facilities, our environmental concerns, and teach them that after we extract the natural resources there are ways to bring out some of natures beauty, as to the reforestation of the hills, as to the landscaping recuperation plan completion, as to the fulfillment of the NP EN ISO 14001:2004 of which we are certified for (Environment Certification)”, as explained by Aníbal Dias, industrial director of the company that dedicates himself to produce dry sands for foundry, concrete, glass and construction. To celebrate this event has been a long time goal, but with nuances that differ from country to country. The International Event has been celebrated since 2004, each 2 years, mentions Aníbal Dias, but with the other Spanish company, Portugal and Morocco this event takes place every year, keeping the annual periodicity. The main goal underlines the industrial director, is to promote and transmit the principals of the Environment, Health and Security, keeping the Saint-Gobain’s policy worldwide. The group primes itself for being ahead of the principals of these dynamics “implementing systems, environment and safety rules in each one of its centers”, adds this same responsible director. A policy with given proofs has shown by the numbers. IMOSA has reached, two weeks ago, 1746 days without accidents. As per the industrial director, such is due to the procedures withstanding by the Saint-Gobain group and the legal norm strict conformity “OHSAS 18001:2007/NP4397 de 2008” (Security Safety), of which we are certified for. As for the group, between the period of 2001 and 2010, the accidents represented an 85% reduction, mentions Aníbal Dias.

The Implemented policy by IMOSA is recognized nationwide, but also beyond boarders where other leader companies have a preference, namely in the production of glass, concrete, foundry and sport courses (synthetic and golf fields). “It’s also by the quality of our products that able us to achieve further, specially with sands for glass and filtration, which represent 30% of sales this year, placed on the exporting market, namely the Canary Islands, Morocco, Algeria, India, Netherlands, underlines Aníbal Dias.




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